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Congratulatons and welcome to Samuel Mehlert on his first flights with RED and across a range of aircraft including helicopters!  Go Samuel!

Congratulations too to Govind Samadram who took out the Award Pilot achievement for August after only joining RED recently. Well done Govind. The associated 60% virtual earnings capactiy may be harder to defend in September!

Fleet Moves

RED continues to work on rationalising its fleet. Two Boeing 739's, two 738's and two Gulfstream aircraft have been advertised for sale. This will reduce the Boeings to ten of each. The Gulfstream GIV has never been flown since purchase and the IV has had only two flights. RED will quit this range completely.  

Some more relocation flights to place aircraft in longterm storage are being identied. These will be detailed shortly.  

Aircraft in longterm parking can be brought into active service within twentyfour hours after standard  'Á' scheduled maintenance is completed. Similarly, aircraft parked elsewhere around the world subject to maintenance requirements can also be brought into service in the same timeframe. If pilots want access to any aircraft not currently ready for flight, please drop any of the Admin staff a message or jump on the Forums. 

Happy flying


A coalition of airport users has backed calls for reforms to the way airports are regulated in Australia.

Industry groups representing retailers, airport parking operators, ride sharing providers and rental car companies have joined airline lobby group Airlines for Australia and New Zealand’s (A4ANZ) push for an arbitration scheme to resolve disputes when an airport and airport user were unable to reach agreement on a pricing regime during negotiations.

On Tuesday, they issued a joint statement urging the federal government to consider a more appropriate regulatory approach than the status quo “for the good of Australian consumers and the economy”.

“We need a regime that encourages innovation and efficiency and we don’t have that right now,” A4ANZ chief executive Alison Roberts said in the statement.

“Instead we have costly, protracted negotiations, and some airports making super-profits – at nearly three times the rate of the banks.”

The industry groups putting their name to the statement comprised the Board of Airline Representatives in Australia, the Australian Retailers Association, Australian Finance Industry Association, Commercial Passenger Vehicle Association of Australia, Ride Share Drivers Association of Australia, International Air Transport Association and Regional Aviation Association of Australia, as well as the Andrew’s Airport Parking company.

The statement comes as the federal government continues to review the Productivity Commission’s final report from its inquiry into the economic regulation of the nation’s airports that began in 2018.

The Productivity Commission said on its website the final report was handed to the federal government on June 21 2019.

“Our region has a lot to offer Australia and the world.”

In 2018/19, Canberra Airport had 3.13 million domestic passengers and 170,000 international passengers. By 2039/40 this was forecast to increase to 7.91 million domestic passengers and 996,000 international passengers for a total of 8.90 million, the draft master plan released on August 22 showed.

“If significant low cost carrier services develop before 2025, this growth will be higher,” the draft master plan said.

Read the full story here.

The next generation of planes will track your bathroom visits

Attention airline bathroom loiterers: The next generation of Airbus aircraft will track how long you've been in there.

It's all part of an effort to make commercial cabins a digitally-aware domain. The program is Airbus' bid to raise the Internet of Things - that buzz-phrase for connected household gadgets - to cruising altitude.

The Airbus Connected Experience aims to give flight attendants a more detailed survey of the cabin, with sensors for such critical data as when bathroom soap is running low and how much toilet paper remains in each bathroom. But the re-thinking of the passenger environment doesn't stop with the toilet.

At each seat, your belt will signal red for unbuckled and green when fastened. The goal is faster boarding and departure, dispensing with those lap-scrutinising walk-throughs flight attendants must perform. The crew will also have access to information on what's on-board and where, like which galley carts contain specific meals, such as pre-orders or vegetarian selections.

Read the full story here.

On Board cameras

Those that travel regularly by air in the real world, will no doubt be aware that airlines may make real time onboard camera streaming available to passangers.  This feature is available with Emirates A380-800. Live camera streaming is provided throughout the flight from three different switchable options; tail fin, below the nose cone facing forward and under the fuselage just in front of the nose wheel pointing down.  When combined with the onboard telemetery, these offer a further element of interest.

Jump on the Forums and share your thoughts and/or experiences.

  Pilot Bonus Award 

The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

 Govind Samadram

 Month : August

 flights :  4

 Miles   :  1,372

 Score   :   5,488

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