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Oz Flight Sim Expo - 17-18 Nov

For those lucky enough to attend this event, they will also see Qantas' famous 747-400 named VH-OJA retired at Albion Airport on 8 March 2017. 

n 1989 this plane flew non-stop between London and Sydney in just over 20 hours, earning a record for the world's longest commercial flight.

Relive the landing.

Event details available here.

Did you know?

There are 365 switches, dials, and lights in the incredibly confusing 747 cockpit. One for every day of the year. Apparently this is down from 971.

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Award Pilot - Pilot's Pic! 

The winner of the Pilot of the Month challenge is recognised on the RED Home Page. Award Pilots may also display a Pilot's Choice pic/s of a special or memorable moment snapped from any flight taken within the target month. Ideally the Pic/s will include at least where it was taken and relevant comment.

More information to come..

Award Pilot's Pic.

This picture shows the majesty of the Boeing 747-8i in its gleaming RED livery touching down at Ossaka.  

It is worth taking a moment to reflect on all the great people that have been and are instrumental in making RED Airlines what it is now and has been since its inception back in 2011. Thanks to all our pilots and in particular thanks to Slinky for the wonderful paints and his dedication over the years. 

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The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

   Claudio Alves

 Month : October

 flights :  29

 Miles   :  71,914

 Score   :   2,085,506

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