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STOP PRESS: A number of relocation flights have been posted. Please follow link in RH margin.

Airtec, one of the largest exhibitions for aeronautic and aerospace supplier industrie, takes place in Munich Germany between the 14 & 16 October 2019. Trade negotiations take place on the Thursday and Friday behind closed doors. Attendees return home on Saturday and Sunday 19 & 20 October.

RED Airlines has been approached to provide some virtual aircraft to ferry a significant group of people home from the venue.  Given that personnel will range from company executives through to factory hands, aircraft type is unrestricted and can be in the form of private executive transport through to long haul heavies. 

A bonus will be available to the pilot with the lowest landing fpm recorded by FSA on each of the two days 19 & 20 October 2019. A pilot will be eligible for a single award only. Where the same pilot has the lowest fpm on each day, the bonus will be allocated to the pilot with the second lowest fpm.

Pilots must land at Munich, ICAO: EDDM to be eligible.  Pilots should note there are no direct flights to Munich. Flights therefore must get to Munich via Franfurt, a distance of only 163 nms. Choose your aircraft carefully!

Pilots may choose to fly their preferred aircraft into Frankfurt ICAO: EDDF, or nearby, ahead of the target dates. However any aircraft is available to any pilot until the aircraft is booked ithrough FSA. 

A number of pilots have indicated familiarity with Discord.  Although this challenge is not multiplayer, it may still be fun to chat with others where they are online at the same time. 

Flight date and fpm will be as recorded in FSA, so check that timezone against where you are in the world. The RED CEO will be the judge and no appeal process will be in place. 

Happy flying


The power of preparation is a familiar theme in aviation. The hours of work undertaken on the ground can greatly improve the quality of the flight hours that are logged. While there are many aspects of preparation, the flight simulator has evolved over the decades to provide a critical component in the training environment, its use being not only cost-effective but able to prepare pilots for a host of situations that they hopefully will never have to face in the air.

Seeds of learning

As far back as the early 1900s, flight simulation came into being. An early French simulator placed the student pilot in a specially designed barrel. The instructor would fundamentally position the barrel about its axes and the student would have to correct the barrel back to level flight. This was followed by other various mockups to train fledgling pilots until a major leap forward came in the late 1920s with the emergence of the veritable Link Trainer, although it would be a few years before its value was truly appreciated.

A pitching, yawing, rolling device with stumpy wings and a disproportionate empennage, the lone student occupied the cockpit while an instructor worked from a nearby table. Motion was generated by bellows, originally from an organ, and the instructor could watch a charted plot at the table and transmit calls to the student. Through WWII the Link Trainer was used around the world and in later years as the General Aviation Trainer, or GAT, it was the first taste of flight simulation for many of today’s senior airline pilots.

Flight simulators as airlines know them now emerged in the 1950s, providing replication of specific flightdecks rather than generic cockpits. Through the decades, the generation of visual displays and motion evolved to a highly realistic state such that pilots could become endorsed to operate an aeroplane that they had never actually flown. 

Today, the range is far and wide. Home computers can be adapted to provide amazing feats of simulation and while military simulators might not be able to simulate the G-forces, some such as the Pilatus PC-21 simulator can inflate the pilot’s G-suit to offer them a subtle reminder. And with the rapid development of virtual reality, or VR, one can foresee simulation entering an entirely new era once again.

While the technology may be amazing and “visuals” incredibly realistic and attention-grabbing, at the core flight simulators are training devices. To the onlooker they be a source of wonder. To airline pilots, the perception can range from incredible asset to a modern-day torture chamber – depending on the day.

Read the full story here.


Engineering inspections and paperwork have forced the Historical Aviation Restoration Society (HARS) to delay the ferry flight of an ex-Qantas Boeing 707 owned by John Travolta to some time in calendar 2020.

While the aircraft had previously been expected to fly from the United States in November, HARS said in its October 2019 newsletter 2020 was now a more likely date for the 707’s arrival in Australia.

The newsletter said more time was needed to comply with the regulatory requirements from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as to complete the necessary inspections.

“Originally the arrival of the 707 was planned for November 2019,” the newsletter said.

“But, as all aviation professionals know, the paperwork on an acquisition such as the 707 is enormous and involves hours and hours of research by engineering teams to ensure adherence with the strict aviation safety procedures of CASA and the FAA.”

Read the full story here. Check out the links. Lots of interesting info here.

  Pilot Bonus Award 

The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

 Alistair McRobert

 Month : September

 flights :  10

 Miles   :  22,248

 Score   :   222,480

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