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RED Virtual Airlines - Pilot Survey - Jan 2019

Thank you to those that have already completed the Survey. For those yet to participate, it will only take a few minutes.  Your views are important to us.

Survey snapshot 

The RED feedback Survey will remain open for a further period to allow for stragglers.  However it is useful to share some of the results currently trending. 

The suggestion of the addition of a Socata TBM 850 to the RED fleet was an easy fix. Like the Boeing Stratacruiser, this air plane will test your skills. 

Another interesting suggestion was for a seaplane to be added to our fleet. Admin staff have had this option on the back burner for some time It is a more complex ask that it first seems. However given the increased interest from members it is appropriate to invite discussion on the practicalities.

Ansett operated flights between Rose Bay Water airport and Lord Howe Island until 1974. However Rose Bay nor its close neighbour, Palm Beach Water Airport are recognised in FSX.  Indeed, FSX does not list any water airports in Australia or New Zealand. This begs the question, as to where the seaplane would be parked. 

Its parking location influences the routes it might fly and the terrain on which it might have to land. So, should the seaplane also have wheels or skids and do we want an old aircraft or more modern. 

Jump onto the Forums, share your views and help make this new addition happen.

New Arrival

 RED Airlines has taken delivery of a Socata TBM 850a high performance single-engine turboprop light business and utility aircraft manufactured by Daher.

Limited routes between capital cities on the eastern seaboard have been created along with flights between Townsville and Cairns. RED-167 is currently parked at Melbourne Airport (YMML). 

Freeware download link available here.

Payware download link available here.

The freeware version is unpainted and ready for a paint job if anyone has the urge.

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The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

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   Robert Finlay

 Month : December

 flights :  17

 Miles   :  42,492

 Score   :   722,364

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