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PILOT BRIEFING: Aircraft relocation & Scheduled Flights


The RED fleet has gradually been reduced from over 170 aircraft to 150. with a further 7 aircraft still listed for sale. Currently a further 5 are in long term parking at YBAS. We currently have an over supply of Boeing 737's and 747's. As these approach their next maintenance date, some will be returned to Alice Springs to also be placed into long term parking. We also have a reasonable contingent of aircraft dotted at airports throughout the world. Some consolidation of these aircraft is yet to be commenced.

The longer term objective is to be able to allow RED to operate in the open financial market, able to lease aircraft or perhaps make loans to other airlines, to compete for FSA cargo business and to operate its own maintenance facility. To do so however we need to reach the point where flight revenues are greater than the cost of flight operations. This includes parking fees calculated daily based on aircraft weight and tiered airport costs, along with salaries and fuel etc. 


Following the relocation of RED-108 from Sydney to Canberra, RED Airlines is proud to;launch a schedule of domestic flights. A dedicated link to the timetable has been added to the RH sidebar. 

This initial schedule links Perth and Canberra through Sydney with one-way flights each day on Monday through Saturday and a direct flight Canberra - Perth - Canberra on Sundays. The direct flight uses a Boeing 747. QANTAS currently use a Boeing 737-800 on this route, however RED has used the B747 to provide some variety. Boeing 737-800s will fly the Sydney - Perth - Sydney leg with the DASH8 flying the Canberra - Sydney - Canberra leg. 

QANTAS used the DASH8 for years through its City Link program on the Canberra - Sydney - Canberra leg. Using it in our RED schedules provides for pilots to experience a range of different aircraft and also allows trainee pilots to link immediately with more experienced pilots handling the jet traffic. 

A DASH8 is available at both Canberra and at Sydney. Two B737s are available ex Perth. Each of these scheduled flights carry a specific flight number for easy identification in DSA Book Flight. Fare structures carry a small premium over the regular RED fares. 


The top row contains column headers. The first actual table row displays left to right, 

  • flight number - to more easily identify this flight in FSA Book Flight
  • Departure Airport - in this case Perth YPPH
  • Arrival Airport - in this case Sydney
  • A flight between Perth and Sydney may only be booked and flown on Mondays, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Aircraft - Only a Boeing 737 may be selected for this flight

The return flight, Sydney - Perth, is shown at row four. This flight may only be booked and flown on Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday. It is also restricted to using the Boeing 737.

The Sydney - Canberra leg is shown at row two. This flight can only be booked and flown on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It can only be flown in the DASH8.

As noted previously, pilots may combine to share legs of the same flight. 

It is important to note that the introduction of scheduled flights is an addition to the fly anywhere anytime any plane focus of RED. These flights have been added for pilots interested in comparing themselves to others using the same aircraft and same airports. All existing routes and aircraft remain available for booking as per the regular processes.

DH8D RED-108
Don Grace
206B RED-61
A310 RED-147
Don Grace
B190 RED-135
via New Plymouth 
Bob Shaw
C208 RED-110
via New Plymouth  
B739 RED-84
vis Darwin
A388 RED-37 
via Cairo
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Aviation News

New Microsoft Flight Simulator is on the way
Launch date 2020

Microsoft has announced a new installment of its long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series. The new Flight Simulator, which was teased briefly at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud artificial intelligence. There’s not a lot of detail beyond that — except that the trailer, captured in 4K video, looks gorgeous.

The hyper-detailed Microsoft Flight Simulator series has been running since the 1980s. Its last installment was the 2014 Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, a continuation of the 2006 Flight Simulator X. 

The series has generally been PC-only, and although this installment is part of the Xbox Game Pass program (which is also available on PC), Microsoft still refers to it as “Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC.”

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Pilot Nomination Instructions

To nominate for advertised flights, please complete the form on the left by recording your name and the flight/s (from  / To) you wish to take command of, and press Send. 

The name of the successful pilot will be recorded in the table above. Nominations will be accepted on a first come basis. Pilots will have a week to complete the flight thereafter it will be relisted. 



Queenstown, one of New Zealand’s premium tourist resorts, frequents the top 10 lists for the world’s most stunning airport approaches in the annual polls of flight charter, Private Fly. It won the top slot four years ago.

Not only is the scenery breathtaking but the landing can literally take your breath away as the plane wingtips outside the window appear to be almost touching the sides of sawtooth mountains that are about 1,700 metres high and border the narrow basin on the edge of Lake Wakatipu, where the airport sits 357 metres above sea level.

To show the challenge involved in landing a plane in this mountainous terrain, Qantas has released footage of one of its Boeing 737-800 operating flight QF121 from Sydney making the approach, along with simulator images of what pilots face when landing at the airport.

Qantas captain Justin Roberts is featured explaining his first experience of touching down: “While my landing was a little firmer than some customers would have liked, I remember standing at the top of the stairs saying goodbye to passengers while looking at The Remarkables [mountain range to the side of the airport] towering 6,000 feet above me.”

“To fly into Queenstown we need to follow a fairly long and convoluted approach to get us down the valleys to be able to land,” he said.

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  Pilot Bonus Award 

The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

   Alistair McRobert

 Month : May

 flights :  8

 Miles   :  14,548

 Score   :   116,348

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